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Dear Conservative voters: You scare me

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Like Romney’s policies or don’t. If you’re liberal, you probably don’t. If you’re conservative, you might not like that he helped women get abortions in MA. But if you watched the SC republican debate, you KNOW that Romney tried to take the high road. Newt Gingrich spent the whole debate slamming Romney’s character. (Why? Because he’s successful? Because he’s rich? Newt might as well join Occupy Wall Street if he thinks that’s a bad thing.) The other two attacked his policies which is normal. But Newt showed his true colors – he plays dirty. Romney took the high road and refrained from putting down politicians in his own party as much as he could.

Then South Carolina responded by showing that they LOVED Newt being an asshole. They voted for the guy who played dirty and attacked his own party member personally the whole time. In response, Romney said a few things in Florida. It’s clear that Romney isn’t comfortable being an asshole, but realized that people responded well to Newt’s attacks and had to defend himself by telling the truth about Newt’s horrible character. Notice he didn’t attack the character of Santorum or Paul, even though Santorum won Iowa. He only attacked the guy who played dirty, probably because even more than he personally NEEDS to win (let’s be real, the guy is LOADED, he doesnt NEED to be president, that would be a major salary decrease for him)… he wants the country to have someone better than Obama, and he knows that’s not Newt Gingrich. He knows Newt is just gonna make republicans, and America, look bad.

And what’s worse? VOTERS CHOSE NEWT in response to the debate where Newt showed, more than ever before, the asshole that he is!!! It is the voters’ fault that the country is in the state it’s in. And it is the conservative voters’ fault that you force a guy like Romney who is trying to take the high road, and help women get abortions, to pretend he’s pro-life so he can get elected; and to put down someone in his own party so that you won’t elect the worst snake in the republican party. Conservative voters: Don’t complain – YOU chose this for our country. YOU are choosing someone who will lose to Obama on the simple basis of shitty character. You are worse than the liberals you insult.

If you want less war and more money and maximum freedom and less organization, vote for Ron Paul. If you’re really socially conservative and care about pro-life and anti-gay marriage values more than lower taxes, vote for Santorum. If you want a good business guy to focus on lowering your taxes and beating Obama, who won’t touch Roe v. Wade and has basic good character even though he sucks at debating (and you don’t believe that being rich means he has bad character), vote Romney. If you want a great debater (Remember, Obama and Hilter are also great debaters) who isn’t afraid to be a complete jerk to win, and will turn on the republican party as quickly as he turns on Obama, and gives a shit about no values or truth, but only about winning, vote Newt. But then don’t talk shit about liberals having inferior values. At least the liberals voted for a guy who preached about values and is good to his family. Honestly. You’re worse if you pretend to have strong family values , and your party is the party of family values, and you vote for Newt. I just got out of the shower and this makes me feel so sick I need to take a bath.


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January 24, 2012 at 5:02 PM

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