“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

Me Vs. New York City

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I’ve had this blog for a while, but I used to post articles that I thought were relevant to my viewpoints, without commentary. I’ve decided to present my own ideas, using other articles as references. I’m going to discuss my reactions to statistics, articles, and ideas that inspire me, and conclude each article with a very clear disclosure of my personal stance on the matter.

About me:

I am a 29 year old musician, artist, producer, photographer, videographer, writer. Since I was a kid I’ve been generally interested in the arts.

I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in a 4-bedroom loft apartment, with three roommates, my instruments & gear, and my cat.

In 2006, I moved there with three friends, and poured all of my savings into building loft rooms for us to divide up an empty space. One by one, roommates moved out, and now it is my place. I rent rooms out to different people month to month, and the place is furnished, so people move in and out all the time. Some are difficult, some are wonderful – that’s how it goes with craigslist! But as one would expect, almost everyone I’ve met in NYC in their 20s is exceedingly liberal.

Why I am inspired to write this blog:

It’s hard to explain to 20-somethings in New York why I voted for McCain, and why I believe it is imperative to get Obama out of office- without alienating friends. If you live with me, or you’re one of my peers reading this, you’re probably pissed off at me right now. One of my best friends since highschool, who I work on music and art with, accused me last week of “drinking the fox news kool-aid.” He has known me for 14 years, and knows very well that I can think of myself- so why would he say that? Perhaps the Liberal ideology is so pervasive in my area that anyone who disagrees appears to fail to consult logic and to be “swayed” by some politician or news station that is feeding them lies and propaganda. It’s so obvious to people what’s right that if I disagree, I must be a fox news puppet! Of course, since I don’t drink the ‘main-stream media kool aid,’ I feel the opposite about them and their views.

But I don’t want to take the “you swallowed this kool aid, I swallowed that kool aid” approach. I want to discuss issues, and compare evidence, and really explain myself, in the hope that my friends and peers may explain their views to me clearly as well, without accusations. I am not on a search to prove who is right and who is wrong, who watches what station, and who is conservative and who is liberal. I am on a quest for facts, principles, and the most intelligent and informed vote.

Conversations about politics come up often, and it’s become apparent that I would benefit from finding a coherent way to outline my views to those of my friends who really care about me and want to understand where I’m coming from. I’m not a politician or a debater, and my arguing skills are not polished. I also speak in a whisper, due to Chronic Lyme Disease, so it’s impossible for me to stand up to a room of people who all agree with each other. I don’t have enough time to sit and talk with every Obama supporter in NYC, or enough brain power, by the time I’m done with all of my work and creative endeavors, to explain myself fluidly, and stand up to their arguments. Now, people can read my blog, and learn who I am politically, and why I vote the way I do. I’m sure many will disagree, but at least it will be clear that I have a solid viewpoint of my own, and that my ideology is nearly IDENTICAL to theirs, but my fact base is different.


I want to mention that the friends I am referencing, the ones I disagree with- are people whose minds & sentiments I respect highly. The friends I will probably criticize most are my best friends in the world, who I’ve known since elementary school and highschool, and the minds and hearts I value most out of everyone I’ve met. This is why they provide ammunition that inspires me to counter it.


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September 8, 2010 at 12:12 PM

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