“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

It’s not Politically Correct for me to Express my Opinion, but it is Constitutional.

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As a musician, artist, and writer, I have always attempted to be as honest as I can in my work. The songwriter I have idolized most is John Lennon. Politically, some of his ideology is different from mine, though I agree with his sentiments as principles (ie, who could argue with the lyrics of “Imagine?”).

“All we are saying is give peace a chance…” is a perfect example of Lennon’s politically targeted lyrics, based on human sentiments that most people agree with. It was politically correct for him to sing this, because many people disagreed with the Vietnam War. This song would be applicable to the Iraq war as well, which people associate with the unpopular President Bush. Rage Against the Machine is wildly popular, and their lyrics are strongly anti-Bush, anti-Conservative party. Can you think of a popular band – with large numbers of supporters and hit records – that expresses conservative, anti-liberal, anti-Obama sentiments?

If I were to write a song about the first amendment, Obama’s attempts to shut down Fox News and infringe upon the free speech rights of those who oppose him, and the way the media attempts to smear everyone associated with Fox News instead of responding directly to the information presented and the issues, and my lyrics are “Give Freedom a Chance” or “Give Free Speech a Chance” – how would New Yorkers respond today? Would anyone come to my shows? Would any of my friends who currently support my music continue to do so?

Even when I don’t agree with John Lennon’s personal choices in how he treats women (ie, cheating on Cynthia Lennon, the mother of his child, with many groupies, and ultimately tripping with Yoko Ono and sleeping with her in his own house where Cynthia caught them, and then, later, cheating on Yoko at a party which she was attending)- and this contrasts with his lyrical sentiments… ie, his disapproval of the fact that “woman is the N*gg*R of the world,” and his various declarations along the lines of “all you need is love” – I can still recognize that he is a brilliant artist. I may disagree with some of his politics as well, but I still respect talent. I think that’s a fairly popular sentiment, given that John Lennon is so famous and well-respected. What I don’t understand is why somebody who questions left-wing politics and politicians, and demonstrates sentiments that other people associate with the right wing, risks losing friends, losing respect, losing fans, putting their artistic career at risk…

This incredibly talented painter shares my sentiment about being afraid to express himself:

The FIRST amendment out of all the amendments of the constitution, regards FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Why is the left wing more free than the right? If you don’t agree, tell me right now – would you buy my music if I expressed some of my fears and concerns about Obama’s policies in my lyrics? Would you buy my music if some of its sentiments had also been shared with people on Fox News?


My Personal Stance:

– Everyone should be entitled to express their opinion, including Fox News. According to the First Amendment, this sentiment is Constitutional.
– People who claim to be open-minded and liberated should be comfortable listening to viewpoints that oppose theirs.


Written by rikijane

September 8, 2010 at 3:21 PM

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